Founder of ISHA Foundation, a living master and rare being who is passing on Classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form.

At home in loincloth as much as he is in blue jeans, barefoot through the mighty Himalayas, or straddling a BMW motorcycle on the expressway, Sadhguru is the most unusual mystic that one can encounter.

A contemporary Guru, rooted as strongly in mundane and pragmatic matters as he is in inner experience and wisdom, his scientific methods for self-transformation are direct and powerful. Belonging to no particular tradition, he incorporates and presents what is most valid for the contemporary life from the yogic sciences.

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Teachers and the Studio

Devised by Sadhguru, Isha Hatha Yoga practices cover the dimensions of Hatha Yoga that are not currently available anywhere else. On completion of intensive Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training of over 1750 hours of residential program from Globally recognised Isha Foundation, the teachers who teach here are competent and certified to impart this profound yogic science globally, to individuals, groups, corporates and institutions.

They have been teaching since 2012 and had conducted programs for people from all walks of life, such as corporate and medical professionals, government departments, students, home makers, business owners, celebrities,political personal and children.

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Usha Murthyneni

Usha Murthyneni

This is the most beautiful process of my life; teaching Isha Hatha Yoga, as I see day by day transformation in the participants and specially when these practices help them get rid of their ailments, gives me greatest joy.

Sharada Potluri

Sharada Potluri

As an youngster I always thought yoga is something meant for elderly people. Only after participating in a program I realised that this is the much needed tool to cope up with today’s hectic pace of life.

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Our studio offers Classical Hatha Yoga through sessions of Upa Yoga, Angamardhana, Surya Kriya, Bhutha Shuddhi and more, for various individuals and groups. The programs are also tailored for various ailments and conditions.

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