Yoga is not just an exercise. It is a process and system through which human beings can find their highest possible potential – Sadhguru

Hatam Yoga Studio is a powerful and vibrant space which naturally brings in the commitment and motivation within you to practice yoga. We offer Isha’s Classical Hatha Yoga Practices as trained by Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Foundation.

About HATAM Yoga Studio

At Hatam, we offer Classical Hatha Yoga designed by Sadhguru.

ISHA’s Classical Hatha Yoga programs are an effort to bring back yoga in its purest form- not studio yoga, book yoga, or other innovations- but proper classical yoga, phenomenal science to take charge of body and mind. Participants gain in-depth knowledge about the practice and leave empowered to practice confidently at home. Register here

Hatam Yoga Studio is the first private studio to teach Isha Hatha Yoga in the states of AP & Telangana

HATAM Yoga Studio Located in Hyderabad, the studio offers programs for general well-being, both as workshops and regular practice sessions, as well as treatment modules for specific ailments. These are offered at the studio, but also in communities, educational and health institutions, corporates and other organizations wishing to benefit from these ancient technologies for well-being.

About HATAM Yoga Studio



All teachers at Hatam have completed the intensive 21 week residential Classical Hatha Yoga teacher training at the ISHA Yoga Center in Coimbatore.



Hatam is humbled to have had an opportunity to transmit ancient yogic practices for modern well-being to over 2500+ participants from all walks of life.



Sessions are offered as group programs, private lessons, as well as community/ business/ education-based classes to reach out to diverse audiences.

Explore customized programs for your ultimate well-being.

Classical Hatha Yoga for individuals and groups through general, well-being and treatment modules targeting specific ailments.
  • Businesses & Corporates
  • Communities
  • Health Institutes
  • Individuals
  • Educational Institutions
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